SONNET: Tweeting *LIVE* 04:55 (EDT)

FOR @Derestrict who kindly remembered my trademark Twitter activity — LIVE TWEETING Original Sonnets…

Brought to you by people who do not work for George Soros OR Rupert Murdoch, etc… because we:

Go, Men! All your clotted clamours and cries,

Trenchêd treacle plans carelessly a’slip’t,

Enough rhetoric drown’d in garbled lies,

It’s all been said and said a’fore the crypt.


By fire, to keep from suffocating night

We, women, sit! Coaxin’ coals until dawn 

Breaks to pieces, another day’s sour spite 

While go along, Men never gone


Harsh reward seeing credit taken by

The men who caused such need for sleepless nights

The world forbids, and woman must comply,

Cede to man the credit for her insights


Think what you will, history interred,

There is more to the story than we heard.

Copyright 2011 by Kimberly Cox, All Rights Reserved


October 07th, 2011  Tags:  poetry  sonnet  twitter  live  theatre  original work  culture  news media  SAY NO  Dirty Spin Doctors